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Inventions in any technological field are patentable, subject to compliance with the legally defined patentability conditions. Based on a technical definition of your project, and an identification of the known opposable state of the art, we assess the relevance of protecting by patent. If so, we identify the main inventive concepts to be protected, determine different embodiments of the invention, consider possible workaround solutions by third parties, with a view to protecting your inventive principle more broadly. We sort between the information to be described and the information to be kept secret, relating to know-how, which can be protected alternatively by business secret.

The protection strategy is defined according to the economic context of the case (positioning with respect to your competitors, partners, suppliers and customers, temporal and geographical aspects).

We draft patent applications with a view to obtaining granted patents, also before demanding patent offices. Then, with your agreement, we file them.

We offer support throughout the economic life of your project, for the redefinition of the protection strategy, based on any objections raised by the offices and your own technical or economic development within the framework of this project.

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